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Do you have something to buy or sell but don’t know where to start, There are various ways to market or find products online, but the best and most economical way is classifieds ads. Online classifieds shows most recent relevant ads which can be filtered as per user requirements. There are various things to consider to make your ads stand out in a classifieds site

  1. Title and Description

    Draft a perfect title and Description, Make the title short and specific, Description should be in detail, but not more than 250-350 words (recommended)

    Classifieds Ads

  2. Relevant Fields

    Try to fill all relevant fields as possible; These fields are drafted after through market reserch on what users are looking for

    Classifieds Ad

  3. Be open to your buyers

    Be sincere in what you do, Fill or write all known facts you know about your listing.

  4. Pictures

    Pictures play a crucial role in classifieds ads. A picture is like 1000 words, Add more pictures to your products from different angles- More the picture more the response in classifieds ads.

    buy and sell

  5. Videos

    Videos will make buyers, more attracted to your listing , you can provide a “link” to your video easily in WremBo (online classifieds website) listings

    buy and sell video options

  6. Documents

    Add documents related to your products /like warranty /guarantee / original bill/ service history etc, This will increases confidence in buyers on your listing. You can add documents in multiple formats

    Buy and sell

  7. Always go back

    If you want to edit your ads at any time, you can always go to your dashboard and edit as necessary, All Buy and sell classifieds ads website will allow that.

buy and sell

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