Accura is one of the leading Tea and Coffee Exporters in Kerala, India. Our products are 100% Natural, flavor-laden tea, coffee and aromatic spices sourced directly from the plantations and are grown naturally by our farmers in traditional way and processed naturally. We have the best in class chemical free Tea and Coffee products like Pepper tea, Green tea, Cardamom tea, Lemon tea, Ginger tea, Siddhi stevia tea and herbal coffee products like Siddhi Galanga coffee, Siddhi Green Coffee, Siddhi Fenugreek coffee and Jai Kissan natural spices for our customers to relish the original taste and keep them healthy and refreshed throughout. All our products are easily available in handy packs and in packets for exporting purpose as well.

For Premium quality, Preservative free Tea, Coffee and Natural Spices in Kerala,


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