Do you require Ground Ambulance Services in Rajendra Nagar with ICU Set-Up? King offers unparallel supervision during the shifting process.

King Ground Ambulance Service in Rajendra Nagar is the most preferred emergency medical evacuators in this part of Patna. Our team of paramedics are well versed with the technicality of patient handling with years of experience in the field. Our ambulances are well fitted with life-saving modern equipment including ICU and Ventilators to provide first-hand care to the patients at an affordable pricing.

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King Ambulance Service

Address: Office No : Pillar No, -61, Opposite of IGIMS Hospital, 14, R.K.Estates Building, Axis Bank Floor, Raja Bazaar, Patna- 800014

Call Now:+917091360310, +91 7033699531




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