Classifieds Ads

Classifieds Ads are a form of online advertising. Classifieds Ads are a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web to express purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract customers. Growing number of Websites and companies have begun to provide specialized classified marketplaces. These are catering to niche market products and services, such include Motors, Real estates, boats, pianos, pets, are some.

How to Post Free classifieds ads ?

  1. Finding the right website

    Finding the right website is the first task, Considering type of Classifieds Ads we want to place, Targeted location , category of products or service, Always google with free classifieds with location and similar products or service for better results

  2. Choosing the right Website

    Searching for Classifieds website will get you to a “n” number of website , choosing the right website is an important task. Consider the following while choosing a website
    1. Is the website proving free ads ?
    2. Duration of Ads -Longest the better
    3.Are they proving do follow backlinks
    4.Features of website – No of pictures /Video upload option / taxonomy
    5.Location listing – Able to place ads in targeted location
    6.Easy registration
    7.Website traffic
    8. Social Media support options (Sharing )
    9.Layout of website -Good layout attract more customers / study’s have proved people spend more time in a well designed / graphically good website

  3. Registering on website

    Most website requires an account for submitting ads, if you have an account already , you can just login , other wise have to register with our email or mobile number, The registration may require an email or mobile number verification , mostly done by a link or an OTP (one time password)


  4. Dash board

    Once verification done and logged in , We will be having access to our dash board , where we can access or find all our ads, edit ads , account details etc , Some websites provide additional options like chat , shop pages / where we can directly chat with customers and create shop like pages , by adding our own banners, logos , social media, website address, shop timing and location maps etc
    Dash board

  5. Purpose of ads

    Most classifieds offers a step by step process in submitting ads, Choose the right type of ad for you, depends on purpose, sell, rent, lease, Exchange or just to place business ads

  6. Choosing Category and Title

    Next step is to choose the right category and Title for your ad ,The list varies from website to website but mostly covers major categories like Motors, Real-estate, Electronics, Fashion, Classifieds , Pets , Furniture, Mobile Phones, Computers, Sports, Books etc Category

  7. Product Information

    Detailing the product information is an important step as it helps the customers to find more information on your products or service , Most website have a pre generated fill in form where you can just add details. Any missing information or details can be added in description column.

    Product information

  8. Media Uploads

    Pictures and videos makes your Ads to reach more, Website offers free upload of picture mostly have a limit of 6, also you can add YouTube Urls of your product demonstration or company profile to make your ads stand out , Click on upload picture / Browse files to access your pictures / camera on device.


  9. Contact Details

    Last but most important step is to provide contact details where customers can easily reach you, The verified number / email will be automatically taken in most websites
    Contact details

  10. Submit Ads

    Once everything cross checked, click on submit ad button , Usually the ad will go for verification to website admin, once done it will go live and you will receive an email notification. In case for any changes , use edit option in dash board.

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